Consumer Credit Counselling and Debt Consolidation Services

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Debt consolidation and consumer credit counselling are both ways of eliminating your debt. Consumer credit counselling is actually a form of combining your bills, but it does not involve a loan. Sometimes the term debt consolidation can also refer to a home equity loan that is used to pay off outstanding obligations. Consolidating your bills refers to a solution that consolidates your debts and allows you to make one monthly payment to cover all your debts.

A debt consolidation loan is a viable means of paying off your debt, but I do not recommend it. If you have credit card debt or are enrolled in credit counselling and do nothing, your creditors can report you to the credit bureau and make numerous collection calls, but that is about it. However, if you have a debt consolidation loan and cannot make the payments, the consequences are much more severe. Your creditor can start foreclosure proceedings on your home. Many people have debt consolidation loans, but there are better ways.

Consumer credit counselling is a form of consolidating your debts, but it does not require a loan. Debt counselling is a way for people to get out of debt without incurring additional debt. A debt management agency can help you get on a plan that will help you have your unsecured debts paid off in five years or less. If it takes longer than five years, you may want to consider other debt relief options.

Your credit counsellor will interact with you lenders and they will no longer be allowed to make collections calls to you as long as you follow the terms of the plan. There are many benefits to debt consolidation with a debt service. Here are just a few of the benefits you will see by consolidating with a credit counselling agency:

*Reduced and possibly eliminated interest rates
*One convenient payment each month
*No more collection calls
*No more fees
*Budgeting and financial education resources

The biggest part of being successful with a debt management plan is not getting into something that you don't think you can manage. If you are given a quote that you don't think you can handle, you are setting yourself up for failure if you accept the proposal.

Debt relief is something you need to go into with an open mind and the attitude that you are going to do what it takes to become debt free. The most difficult part of getting out of debt is recognizing that there is a problem and asking for the necessary debt help.