Consumer Credit Counseling Services educational programs

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CCCS has educational programs for all ages from elementary to senior. We are a featured speaker for many area schools and offer one to twelve hour programs to suit you. Whether it is understanding your credit report or how to shop during the holiday season, CCCS can put together a presentation for an employee, church or any other group setting.

CCCS offers pre-discharge bankruptcy education. This informative 2-hour course will give you the necessary tools for long term money management. Courses are available at all five of our branch offices with many different time options to fit your schedule. The course content covers many areas of financial literacy including: Developing a spending plan, Identity theft and how to avoid it, Financial planning and goals, The wise use of credit and Rebuilding your credit standing. Upon completion of your financial management course, you will be issued an education certificate of completion, which is required before discharging your debts.

Approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of a personal financial management instructional course in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an Provider's services.

CCCS offers to future home owners an opportunity to educate themselves in the home buying process. Individuals will learn about the total home buying process including focusing on the financial aspects, neighbourhood revitalization, use and selection of a Realtor, evaluation and selection of property, taxes and insurance and the loan application process.